“It shouldn’t matter how old you are, if you go through treatments, like I did, you deserve a trip!”

-Ryan Teixeira

Victory Trips

About Victory Trips

Victory Trips allow the recovering patient time to recuperate and reset while fulfilling a lifelong dream. A candidate may be referred by medical professionals, social workers or anyone with knowledge of the candidate’s current medical condition. Trips are approved on a case-by-case basis pending board approval.


  • Must be within the ages of 18 to 40 (diagnosed before 40th birthday)
  • Must have battled a life-threatening illness and have completed treatment (cancer-free)
  • Must be cleared by your doctor to travel
  • Cannot have had trip/experience from another organization

 If you don’t qualify for 17 Strong, please see this list of other organizations that may be able to help.


Medical professionals, parents, spouses or anyone with a detailed knowledge of the candidate’s current medical condition may refer. Please have your medical professional contact 17 Strong at for a potential Victory Trip.

What You Can Do on a Victory Trip

Ryan’s desire was for a trip to recover from trauma of fighting debilitating disease. A Victory Trip could potentially be a trip or experience. Scroll down to view some of the past Victory Trips!

Fulfilled Victory Trips!



Mellissa | Caribbean Cruise 2017

Mellissa & her husband Ryan enjoyed a Victory Trip to St. Lucia in September of 2018. Mellissa, who beat breast cancer, says of her memorable trip.. “I think everyone going through cancer should get an opportunity like this. This trip was in the top five best things I have experienced in my life!”


Fulfilled Victory Trips!



Ryan | Alaskan Cruise 2017

Ryan, 36, and his new bride Jessie took a honeymoon trip after conquering testicular cancer. Ryan said, “Because of 17 Strong and Ryan’s dream, my wife and I were able to experience Alaska’s breathtaking beauty, spend much-needed, restful time together and celebrate recovery.” Ryan is now giving back in the medical field as a nurse. 




Jimmy | Tokyo, Japan 2017

Jimmy & his best friend Gil traveled to Tokyo, Japan. As an engineering student, he was intrigued by the unique architecture and had always wanted to visit the city. He waited for Christmas break in 2017. Fully recovered from his bout with colon cancer, he left for his first international trip, inspired by Ryan’s dream. “An incredible experience to celebrate a great victory!” 



Tobias | Europe 2018

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma wasn’t the only health struggle Tobias recovered from. A work accident cost him his arm, but he conquered Lymphoma and was able to tour Europe with his wife Michelle in May of 2018. Tobias is from Grand Junction, Colorado. “What 17 Strong did for me meant a lot, the timing couldn’t be better after battling cancer and losing my left arm, it felt really good to get away.”



John | Hawaii 2018

26-year-old John & his wife Alex returned traveled to Hawaii, staying at the Disney Resort on Oahu. John overcame testicular cancer and began his Victory Trip on June 20, 2018. “This trip felt like closing the door on a long and difficult fight. Our lives were put on hold, this trip was the end of that. It gave us a chance to finally take a breath and get back to normal.” 




Jen | USA Women's Soccer Game 2018

Jen received her Victory Trip after beating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After meeting up with a friend in Utah, Jennifer attended a USA Soccer game in Salt Lake City on in June and received the VIP treatment including a full tour and on-field experience with the players! Jen eventually wants to pursue a career with USA Soccer!



Matt | Hawaii 2018

A three-time brain cancer survivor, Matt is 37 years old. His cancer was so rare that there isn’t even a name for it! Until this trip, Matt had never been in or even seen the ocean. In July of 2018, he and his brother Joshua celebrated victory with a Hawaiian Island Cruise, saying, “This is a trip of a life-time overcoming physical obstacles and to get away from hospital, tests and doctor appointments.” 



Alex | Washington D.C. 2018

At 24 years old, Alex & his mom took a trip to Washington D.C to celebrate victory over Lelomyosarcoma. “I was a young adult when I was diagnosed with cancer and for many foundations and organizations I was diagnosed too old to be eligible for a trip. 17 Strong has jumped in where others left off and granted me a trip to a destination that I have always wanted to visit!” 



Jenny | Hawaii 2018

Jenny was accompanied by her boyfriend, Jonathan, to Honolulu. They celebrated her victory over Stage 3 Inflammatory breast cancer. We were overjoyed when Jenny announced that Jonathan proposed on the trip!! Jenny says, “This trip symbolizes my victory of overcoming breast cancer. For me, traveling teaches me about new ways of living that help enhance and inspire me to keep moving forward.” 



Kaya | Thailand 2018

Kaya, 24, and her friend Amaya celebrated Kaya’s victory over Osteosarcoma in Thailand! Kaya said, “Sometimes I forget all of the experiences I went through with chemo, and having a trip that’s based on gifting me the journey to healing is pretty amazing. It is such an amazing gift and I’m so excited to go on this journey.” 






Miranda | Turks & Caicos 2018

Miranda was accompanied by her friend and roommate Sabrina to Turks and Caicos. In March of 2018, Miranda was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Miranda said, “My Victory Trip marks a new beginning. While this trauma will never escape me, I can use this new start to celebrate all I have accomplished, including my survival. This trip means I can start taking my life back and honor who I have become!” 



Kay | Thailand 2018

Kay took her brother John to Thailand after battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. “I don’t think I have come to terms, yet, with the idea that I have won my battle with cancer. The Victory Trip experience provided me with the incredible opportunity to finally celebrate my victory. It made it even more special that I could celebrate with my amazing brother, my best friend and an integral member of my support system.



Miranda | Japan 2019

Miranda and her grandmother Hatsue took a trip to Japan to celebrate her victory over Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! “My grandma was able to reconnect with her family after 30 years and my mother and I were able to meet some of our family for the first time. I visited the home that my grandma grew up in and my grandma was able to visit her mother’s grave for the first time.”





Caleb | Ireland 2019

Caleb and his fiancé Destiny took a trip to Ireland to celebrate his victory over testicular cancer. While on the trip, Caleb proposed to Destiny in front of a waterfall (her dream proposal)! “This trip gave me the opportunity to take a breather – to reflect on all that I’ve been through, how I have been impacted, and how my life has changed since my diagnosis. Not only that, but I was able to spend this time with my best friend who was with me through each step of the journey.”



Marcela | Honduras 2019

Marcela and her husband Salvador traveled to Roatan, Honduras after her battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The highlight of her trip was scuba diving. “For the first time in awhile we were being asking how we met, where are we from, instead of how did that last treatment go. It reminded us there is more to come in this Victory Year and more to come in my life!”




Soncharay | Caribbean 2019

Soncharay and her husband traveled to St. Lucia in the Caribbean after her fight with breast cancer! “This trip was an amazing experience that has opened up a new world for me. My husband and I were able to rekindle some romance after being so busy battling cancer. This trip was so tranquil, the people on the island were so friendly and the resort perfect.”




Ramona | Hawaii 2019

Ramona traveled with her husband and two children to the Disney Resort in Hawaii after battling cancer twice. She climbed to the top of Diamond Head Trail carrying her son! “It was a bittersweet victory because I was unable to complete this journey when I was 17. A week later after my family trip to Oahu I was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood Sarcoma that was similar to Ryan’s. I will always be grateful for you! The Victory Trip completed my journey.



Adam | Italy 2019

Adam’s life-long dream was to visit the Ferrari track and museum in Italy with his dad. After battling Leukemia, he finally got the trip of his dreams. “This trip is like winning. It’s making an unrealistic dream possible. I’ve been given the opportunity to experience something I have imagined so vividly and actually share it with my dad who has been with me since the start of this madness.”




Gina | Bahamas 2019

Gina, her husband and daughter visited Atlantis in the Bahamas after fighting breast cancer! “This trip meant so much to me, finding words are difficult. I think of it as more than a trip, it is a reintroduction to life. It is wonderful motivation to put the worries and pain behind you and focus on a new positive adventure going forward. When it all finally came down to the trip, it all lived up to my expectations and then some!”



Maria | Caribbean Disney Cruise 2019

Maria and her son Christian went on a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate her victory over ovarion cancer. “My son and I were able to visit three different countries in 7 days which to me was a unique experience. This trip was blessing for us, we were able to spend quality time that was lost during this past year.



“This was my first true international trip, so naturally I chose to go big. It was a great way for me to test myself after going through so much. It was confirmation that I was back to full health again. An incredible experience to celebrate a great victory!” – Jimmy

“What 17 strong did for me meant a lot, the timing couldn’t be better after battling cancer and losing my left arm. It felt really really good to get away and try to forget all the issues going on back home.” – Tobias

“Because of 17 Strong and Ryan Teixeira’s dream, my wife and I were able to experience Alaska’s breathtaking beauty, spend much-needed restful time together, and celebrate recovery.” – Ryan

I think everyone going through cancer should get an opportunity like this. This trip was in the top five best things I have experienced in my life!” – Mellissa

“This trip felt like closing the door on a long and difficult fight. Our lives were put on hold, this trip was the end of that. It gave us a chance to finally take a breath and get back to normal.” – John

I think everyone going through cancer should get an opportunity like this. This trip was in the top five best things i have experienced in my life!” – Mellissa

Victory Trip Reveal 2017

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Cancer Fitness Program

Avila Beach Athletic Club Cancer Well-fit is a free, small group, ten-week exercise program designed to help the first-year cancer survivor build muscle, improve self-esteem and develop a fitness program to continue a healthy lifestyle.

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Dream Foundation

Serving terminally-ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life Dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.

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